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Orek Tempe

Weekend time, finally time for cooking! For today recipe I would like to share one of the vegetarian and most delicious side dish in Indonesia. It is called Orek Tempe, which is a stir fry soybeans. One of the traditional cuisine in Indonesia. The most basic ingredients for this recipe is ‘tempe’. Tempe is a […]

Is it Important to Have a Hobby ?

Hobby, this word for some people maybe just wasting time, not necessary or don’t even think to have one at all. There are people who live their life without one. Some people are too busy with their work, busy with their life, and they don’t have privilege to have time thinking about what they like […]

Beading #2

Hello there! I start my beading hobby again. This time I try to continue to make the head strap and use different colors of beads. Things that I love about this hobby are simple and easy, plus affordable. Materials : Beads Elastic polyester string 1 mm Stopper 1 mm Clasp lobster hook 14 or 16 […]

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