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Stir Fry Pare

Good day! After I posted about my DIY Lanyard Mask, for today I would like to post about my cooking recipe. Just had a shower and finish my breakfast with one of delicacy Indonesia. It is called ‘Stir Fry Pare’. Pare is a Bitter Melon vegetable that look like this. It’s green with seeds inside, […]

DIY Lanyard Mask

Finally, the next one diy is finish! Today I would like to introduce the lanyard mask strap for everyone. I made it using shambala cord 1 mm with two colors, yellow and blue. The length for my lanyard mask is +-/ 50 cm. First, prepare 4 strands cord with length 150 cm each. (Yeah, they […]

Next DIY Project’s

I’m trying to figure it out the next project for my diy craft to put on my website. I really try to make a lanyard crochet mask since I still have some shambala cords here. If I still have time probably will gonna make another bracelet. Check out some of the diy craft on my […]

Rice Bowl Spicy Karage

Honestly, I do love cooking but, I’m kinda lazy to wash the dishes after that. Cleaning the utensils, plate and everything. But right now, since I am living on my own. I start to cooking in one fry pan or choose a simple dish enough for 1 portion. For today dinner is a “Rice Bowl […]

Fried Corn

Finally back again with recipe post. Today’s recipe will be Fried Corn. Yes! You heard it right. The famous vegetable corn people usually steam or make it into a soup. But now we are going to fry it. Deep fried corn! This is actually one of traditional food in Indonesia called “bakwan jagung”, usually serve […]

Cut Down The Tree

It is raining season in my country right now. We constantly have a hard time since couple days ago. Every single morning wake up with heavy rain and thunderstorm. The temperature drop to 18-19°C. Everything is windy and cold. I decided to sleep again with my blanket on me. After couple hours, the rain stop. […]

Soy Sweet Chicken Soup

Finally weekend! Time to relax at home and cooking. Recipe for today is Soy Sweet Chicken Soup. This food is one of the Indonesia homemade dish usually serve at home. Not many people serve this dish at a restaurant with broth as a soup. They usually braised it until the chicken is tender and the […]

Fried Shrimp Crizpy

Morning everyone, today recipe will be fried shrimp. Since I have a local flour to make tempura. Tempura is actually a fried shrimp dish from Japan. Let’s try! Ingredients : 1 pack of tempura flour 200 gr of shrimp 1 cup of cold water 1 tsp salt & pepper How to make : Wash and […]

Orek Tempe

Weekend time, finally time for cooking! For today recipe I would like to share one of the vegetarian and most delicious side dish in Indonesia. It is called Orek Tempe, which is a stir fry soybeans. One of the traditional cuisine in Indonesia. The most basic ingredients for this recipe is ‘tempe’. Tempe is a […]

Is it Important to Have a Hobby ?

Hobby, this word for some people maybe just wasting time, not necessary or don’t even think to have one at all. There are people who live their life without one. Some people are too busy with their work, busy with their life, and they don’t have privilege to have time thinking about what they like […]


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