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DIY Lanyard Mask

Finally, the next one diy is finish! Today I would like to introduce the lanyard mask strap for everyone. I made it using shambala cord 1 mm with two colors, yellow and blue. The length for my lanyard mask is +-/ 50 cm.

First, prepare 4 strands cord with length 150 cm each. (Yeah, they are long) it will shorten into 50 cm once the lanyard is done. Prepare a ring and lobster clasp. The ring is the silver circle on top to insert the cords. The lobster clasp is those little two hooks on the side. As long as you have the materials everything is easy. Just need practice a little bit to make a knot with lanyard.

Second, Insert the cords through the ring and tie it evenly. Start the beginning with stevedore knot. Get another cord to wrapping it around all four strands, start winding that cord as tightly as you can. Adjust the length, mine is 1 cm. Once it meets the necessary length make a knot in the end and pull it nicely to make it as tight as possible. So you will get a nice clean tight head on the top.

Third, split the cords into two different colors and start to make a long overhand knot until 50 cm length. Close the end of the knot with another ring and make another stevedore knot to close it. Cut the excessive strands with scissor and put a glue to make it stronger and tighter.

Last one, use plier to open the ring and add the lobster clasp in it. Close the ring nicely and done! You can use it as a mask extender or for your glasses. It is safe for everyone and will not irritate the skin.

Check the tutorial on

Site : http://www.batikkusumasari.com YouTube : https://youtu.be/yEMoxR3VWgg

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