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Cut Down The Tree

It is raining season in my country right now. We constantly have a hard time since couple days ago. Every single morning wake up with heavy rain and thunderstorm. The temperature drop to 18-19°C. Everything is windy and cold. I decided to sleep again with my blanket on me. After couple hours, the rain stop. Although the sky still gray and dark outside but, I decided to take a look from the window. There are some people out there trying to bring out some machines. I don’t really pay attention to them, probably they’re just doing their job tidy up the park and things.

The next day, a very loud noise that can be heard the entire neighborhood, wake me up. I look up my window again and they are cutting down the trees in the park. I still did not understand why they cut down the trees? They said “for safety, because it is raining season right now”. Whaaaaat does it mean? I looovee the park because of the trees and nature in there. Could someone explain it why people cut down the trees during raining season?

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