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Is it Important to Have a Hobby ?

Hobby, this word for some people maybe just wasting time, not necessary or don’t even think to have one at all. There are people who live their life without one. Some people are too busy with their work, busy with their life, and they don’t have privilege to have time thinking about what they like or what they want to do. I respect them who work hard for their family. As a housewife or as a salary man both are important. However, is it okay not to have a hobby?

For me personally, I had a life without hobby before and it was soo stressful, frustrated, I often lost my patience. I rarely meet my friends and family because of my work. Suddenly I realize, I have no life beside my work.

One of my friend who has a degree in psychology advice me to get a hobby and i feel the difference in my life. Things I feel different after :

  • Time for myself
  • Relax, chill
  • A great stress reliever

For some of those reason I start to continue my blog and have more relaxing activity, crafting, and beading. For me, hobbies are able to improve my quality life and my mental health. I hope you can do it too.

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