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Beading #2

Hello there! I start my beading hobby again. This time I try to continue to make the head strap and use different colors of beads. Things that I love about this hobby are simple and easy, plus affordable.

Materials :

  1. Beads
  2. Elastic polyester string 1 mm
  3. Stopper 1 mm
  4. Clasp lobster hook 14 or 16 mm
  5. Ring 6 mm
  6. Clamshell bead
  7. Plier

I use beads from ceko crystal green color with size 4 mm and combine with white pearl around the same size. For the string I use polyester cord 1 mm with the same color, green.

How to make :

  • I make a simple pattern with beads and pearl. For example, 10 green crystals continue with 5 white pearls. Fill the string with beads until it reach the length around 20 cm.
  • Once it is finish, add a clamshell beads and stopper inside it. Pinch the stopper with plier and tied a knot at the end of string. This is to prevent the string to slip or the beads fall from the string.
  • The last step is to add ring and clasp lobster at the end. There is a hole on top of clamshell, we can add the ring into it. Put the ring between the clamshell and add the clasp lobster. Finish!

You can use it as a mask connector, head strap or even bracelet. Try with different color and make it colorful. For the blue one the length is 15 cm (small size) while the rest are around 20 cm (medium size).

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