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Have you receive vaccine in your country? In Indonesia the covid spread really fast, there is even a new varian come out in my neighborhood. Yes, neighborhood! To be precise it was happen in my share house 3 months ago. The person who live next to my room unfortunately positive with the Delta Varian of covid. No symptoms, no fever, no coughing, the patient do not feel sick at all but, when the patient tested the result was positif covid. These varian are the scariest and the most dangerous one. Because you don’t know that you are infected yet, you are probably still meeting with other people outside. It can infect other people at the same time inside your body, your health is worsen even though you are feeling fine. When you know something is wrong with your health mostly it is beyond treatment which mean, it is too late.

What happened with my share house? After one person was positive covid the next day, 4 more people were positive covid. Although the rest of 4 people had experience symptoms like coughing, fever, nausea, loss sense of smell and taste, short breath and many others. My share house friends got quarantine for a month receive best treatment and the best facility in there. Thankfully now they are back to normal and perfectly healthy again. For me, my test result was negative.

How can I be negative while others were positive even though we live in the same house? Simple, once I know the news someone positive, I stay in my room. The only place I went was, workplace, and my room. I order food, so I dont have to use the share kitchen or share living-dining room with others. When everyone who tested positive with covid were picked up by ambulance to get quarantined, I clean my room, wash my bedcover, blanket, pillow, everything with anti bacterial disinfectant. Keep it hygiene is priority.

The government realize about the new variant virus and immediately give vaccines to all the citizens. Furthermore beside the mandatory mask rule, all the public places office, shopping mall, cafe, playground, mart, everything except healthcare facility required to show the vaccine certification to security guard for people to go inside. These two rules are to prevent the virus and also to urge people who think, that vaccine is not important to become necessary for them. I have been vaccinated twice and receive the certification below.

There are different type of vaccines available for citizens in Indonesia right now. Some of them are; Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna. I am not sure which one is more effective but, please stop being picky about vaccine. I am sure all of them are beneficial and important for us. Choose the one that is easily access to you. The faster you get vaccine the better your life.

I am so grateful and deeply thankful to all the healthcare staff. Because it must be hard to lost so many patients at once and there is no medicine or cure for the virus. Yet they are on frontline to serve people for vaccines and proper treatment to all of us.

Last thing I want to say is, wear mask and keep hygiene everywhere. Protect yourself means to protect people you loved too. Stay social distancing, stay healthy and stay happy!

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