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Meadow Green Park

Finally a blue sky with sunshine comes after the rainstorm. Beautiful park is one of a place to relief our stress and relaxing. Meadow green park is located in Indonesia, Cikarang. It is near shopping Lippo Mall Cikarang. Yes, some cannot believe it, there is still this beautiful park in the middle of city. This park located inside the neighborhood. We are still able to hear the birds chirping outside, the sound of tree, and breeze from the wind.

I am really grateful and fortunate to choose this house as a place for me to start my independent life. It is a shared house so, I live with 7 more people right now but, we got along well. Everyone have different occupation and that what makes this place even more charming.

The park itself is right in front of our house. Usually in the afternoon many people bring out their dogs and walk around or jogging. It is nice in here. Meadow Green offers not just a house but, for me a place close with nature and friendly neighborhood.

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