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Beading Hobby & Mask Strap

Today I would like to introduce my hobby that I just start recently. On my previous post I wrote about friendship bracelet which I made with macrame shambala string but now, I make with beads. I try to make a mask strap with length 30cm.

The method is really simple as long as the materials are ready. I use white sintetic pearl and combine with ceko crystal. For the string, I use elastic polyester cord 0.7 mm. Don’t forget to have the clamp or clip, with the size 14 or 16 cm.

Materials DIY

Now let’s start begin to create a head strap. First choose any color from the polyester string and make it into 30cm length. For the beads today, I use the blue color with some white pearl. Prepare the string and add the beads. Make it into a nice beautiful pattern with other combination decorative beads and pearl.

I make a pattern with 10 beads blue crystal combine with 5 white pearl. Continue adding the beads until it is reach 30 cm length and turn into a full bracelet or we can use it as a mask strap. Sorry for the picture above is a little bit dark, it is rainstorm right now and there is some electricity problem at home. I tried to use the lightning still yet, it doesn’t work. When the beads are complete it will turn out into a beautiful accessories. Just like the pictures below.

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