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Simple Egg Toast

Morning everyone, as usual time to prepare for breakfast. Couple days ago I posted a french toast recipe. Since then I am addicted to toast, egg and bread for breakfast. For today I made another recipe for an Egg Toast.

Recipe Egg Toast

Ingredients :

  1. Bread
  2. Egg
  3. Salt
  4. Tomato Sauce

How to make :

Sunny side up Egg

First, we are going to make a sunny side up. To avoid breaking the yolk before you add the egg to the pan, crack the egg into a bowl.

When you are ready to cook add some cooking oil on frying pan and make sure the pan is on low heat. Then, carefully pour the egg to the pan.

Cook them low and slow, if you cook the egg with high heat or strong fire. The bottoms will burn and the egg is still uncooked. Make sure it is on low heat for the white egg to cooked evenly and still getting a perfect runny egg yolk. Mine is a well done egg yolk since I cannot control the heat and it turns out as a normal fried egg rather than a sunny side up egg. Don’t forget to add some salt.

Toast the Bread

Spread butter evenly on your bread. Place it on the pan. You can fry 2 or 3 slices at one time. Make sure it is on medium heat. Toast the bread around 2 minutes until the color turn golden brown and a little bit crispy on the edge.

Once the bread is ready, add some sauce and mayonaise. Now add the egg between the bread slices and sprinkle them with freshly chopped parsley or cheese. Done! Simple easy Egg toast ready for breakfast!

I don’t add any vegetables on my egg toast cause I’m running out of ingredients. You can add other vegetables such as, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle as your prefer. I hope everyone can try to do it at home cause its really easy.

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