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Friendship Bracelet

Since some of us probably have plenty of times because of pandemic mostly people are stay at home or work from home and keep social distancing to prevent the virus. Recently I started this new hobby, which is macrame. I start making the friendship bracelet with the easiest technique called square knot. Macrame is not an expensive hobby, simple, yet it is quite pretty and colorful. The material I use is shambala cord 0.7 mm.

Square Knot 14 cm Bracelet

People said friendship bracelet have a meaning as a symbol of friendship given by one person to another and the friendship will stay strong. When you tie the bracelet onto the wrist, you can make a wish. The bracelet should be worn until worn out or fall off by itself. When the bracelet fall off by itself the wish will come true.

Some people use it as a decorative fashion or style to match with their clothes. It can used  as a present, gift or souvenir. For romance relationship it can be given to their beloved one and worn it as a couple bracelet. Affordable and stylish, usually people use friendship bracelet to boost their confidence and convince their realself and relationship with others.

I think to have a hobby especially during pandemic is a very good thing, to be more optimist about life also it can help to ease your mind. If it is able to give some emotionally support for others that would be more wonderful.

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