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French Toast

Today is wednesday and there is a celebration one of the religion in Indonesia so it becomes holiday right now. Although all the celebration and other outdoor activities are forbidden to prevent the covid19. Holiday means Holiday!  Time for relaxing and chill with sunshine in the morning. Simple breakfast yet healthy is perfect for time like this! I would like to share the recipe I watch and learned from many cooking programs tv at home. I tried one of the recipe and its a success! Yeah! I make it a little bit more casual and simple for everyone to try at home.

French Toast recipe

Ingredients :

  1. Bread
  2. Egg
  3. Sugar
  4. Cooking oil

How to make :

  • Start from beat some eggs into a bowl, plate or shallow dish. You can add some sugar, vanilla extract or cinnamon for additional flavor.
  • Dip bread in egg mixture. Coat evenly on both sides.
  • Put some cooking oil or butter on frying pan. Make sure the fire is on medium heat.
  • Cook bread slices lightly on frying pan untill the color turn browned on both sides. Add some syrup, fruits or sugar powder on top as desired. Finish!

I use sugar on egg mixture because I don’t have vanilla extract. But, when I tried to fry it, the sugar melted and caramelized the bread. Super delicious! I hope everyone can try it at home. Chilldren or adults will love it. Simple and easy to do at home!

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