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Veggie Macaroni Schotel


I started my first blog with healthy dish. I’m sure everyone knows macaroni schotel recipe. I just want to share mine since my family love healthy things and always try to keep all the food in balance. So i tried few things here. This recipe is good for children who dont like to eat vegetable, the parent can easily conceal vegetable inside and cover it with cheese or chili sauce. Macaroni schotel with veggies inside and meatless, perfect for healthy dinner and snack! XD hehee.

Basic ingredients

Macaroni ingredients :
120 grm of Macaroni
125 gram of Cheese
1/2 tsp salt and pepper
1 tbsp of butter or margarin
200 ml of milk
3 chicken eggs

Vegetable ingredients :
1/2 Onion
1 Leek
1 Field Mustard Leaves

How to make it :

1. Prepare the macaroni
Boil the macaroni on a pot, add 1 tbsp of salt to flavour the macaroni. Add 1/2 tsp vegetable oil to prevent the macaroni to stick with each other. Wait around 15-30 mnt until it cooked. Drain and set aside to cool it.

2. Prepare the vegetable
While waiting for the macaroni to cooked, start to chop diced the vegetable ingredients, thinly sliced the field mustard leaves and leek. Stir fry them on frying pan with margarin. Drain and set aside to let it cool.

3. Prepare to mix and cook
Shredded the cheese and beaten the eggs before start to mix everything. Put the beaten eggs on a big bowl and all the macaroni, vegetable ingredients inside it. Make sure that the vegetables and macaroni isn’t hot anymore to avoid the eggs cooked inside the bowl. Add some cheese, salt, pepper for flavour. Pour some milk and mix them all together. Put it in oven for 45 mnt with medium heat or steam for about 1 hour.Done! Finish! Yeeaaaah! Serve it with more cheese or chili sauce! šŸ™‚

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