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Fried Chili Eggs


Weekend time! This weekend is special to me because it is Fasting time for my family. Ramadhan has come in my home, yeay! We wake up everyday on 4 am to have a breakfast and we eat again around 6 pm. However here is the problem, since my family have to eat breakfast at 4 am everyday now, it means I need to prepare it around 3 am and I am too lazy to wake up, haha common case for a kid like me. I remember a really easy food which usually sell in street restaurant in Indonesia called Telor Balado or Fried Chili Eggs. This menu is perfect for people who is in a hurry every single morning yet they want something fast, easy and make them full untill lunch time. I want to share the recipe that I made at home ! Really easy, healthy and fast !

Ingredients :

6 chicken eggs
3 clove white garlics
3 clove red garlics
10 red chili peppers
1 tsp lemon juice
1 lime leaf
1/2 big red tomato
1/4 palm sugar or 1 tsp of white sugar

How to make it :

1. Pour some water into a pot and boiled the eggs.
2. While waiting for the eggs to be ready, put all the garlics, tomato and chili peppers into a blender and mix it. If the blender wont mix the ingredients add a little vegetable oil is fine.
3. Rinse and peel the eggs once it’s ready.
4. Add some vegetable oil into frying pan and pour all the mixed ingredients, add salt, sugar, lemon extract and lime leaf for seasoning. Stir fry it untill fragnant.
5. Add the boiled eggs into the same frying pan together with the mixed ingredients and stir fry all of them untill the boiled eggs turn golden brown.
6. Serve it with rice and done !!

This dish taste a spicy and savory, I add sugar in the end to balance that spicy chili peppers. Breakfast or dinner, Enjoy it !!

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