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Bazaar Festival Indonesia


Convention Center Hotel Mercure Ancol

From 16 – 18 February 2016 there was a bazaar held in Hotel Mercure Convention Center. Idk why, but i think when you do good things, the business will got better for you too.

From last tuesday I was on duty to promote my family’s business. We rent a booth with 2x2m, cost 1.5m for 3 days. We put up a stand to promote batik, one of the famous indonesia heritage. Other booths sell clothes, skirt for woman, scarf and accecories. Only 3 or 4 booths that sell batik, most of them spesifically sell javanese batik, like solo, jogja etc. While my stand sell several and combination of several batik regions such as, Pesisiran/coast (cirebon, pekalongan), Sarong betawi, we also sell handmade sogan (javanese batik). Most of the price range I use 150k – 300 for batik east coast/pesisiran. The rest are around 350k – 500k.

On first day, we stand up our booth since morning aroud 10 o’clock until 9.00pm. It was soooo quiet during the day, im worried that this festival was not a success one due to lack of promotion since, it was not open for public and disorganized EO. The booths have no numbers on it, the map was not available for us to check our position, the worst is the EO herself keep saying “juz put yours on the corner!”. It was a mess and really disorganised. Anyway, around 6pm the visitors and the people who stayed at the hotel were all went down looking and asking around “where’s the festival?”, i guided them into MY booth. Hahahaaaa XD lucky me, some of them impressed with the design, the quality and variation of my batik products. They bought some of mine. Yeah!

Most of the visitors or customers at that time were just looking around  on the first day. Most of them were looking for food or simple dinner. My guess is that the guest were juz arrived around 5pm since, they come from other region to attend a seminar indonesia culture in Hotel meeting room that were held on the next day.

Culinary booths & Krakatau Ballroom Center

Unfortunately the next day after the seminar was over during lunch break, most of the visitors were traveling around jakarta. They didnt look at the bazaar festival so, it was soooo quieeet the whole day. Even the culinary booths had very few customers. Im still lucky some of them who were come from multinational company as a guest in seminar, ask me how to order batik as a uniform for their staff division or branch in indonesia. Because we also sell our own design, my family started this own batik design business for high school uniforms around 100 more or less students at that time. And it was a succeessss. So we thought we could try to put our design for bazar festival on our booth. The result, Huge succeeesss! I never thought that we could hit multinational company like that. I hope everything turns out well 😀

For the last day was just so-so. Most of the guest and visitors already check out from the hotel and time to go home for us as well 😀

Evening 6.00pm Ancol sea


One of the design that was used for school uniform.

Ps : For a little bit promotion in blog 🙂

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