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Hangout in Mujigae Restaurant


Yesterday, i went out with my friends. I went to accompany of my friend’s wedding. We ate and drink the whole ice tea during the wedding party. It’s so much fun! Untill I forgot that we have to go home. However since im the only one who starving again (even after eat the whole ice tea) we decided to stop by at Mujigae Restaurant in Grand Metropolitan, Bekasi branch. It’ a new korea restaurant in my country, Indonesia. I thought the price will be expensive, but it really fits with teenegers budget. Around 50k – 80k for one portion. Since i am  tteokbeokki fans, i decided to choose fried chicken tteokbeokki. And my other friend pick fried chicken with chili sauce.

The taste is good, the price is reasonable, the decoration of restaurant fits well for teens to hangout like a family restaurant. One thing that i love the most with this restaurant is we dont have to wait in a long queue since they provided an application for us to order right from the customers table. Plus i can request my personal favorite song, Taeyeon – I. Hehee 😀

Unfortunately, the menu is really limited. Well, actually i was kinda hope to be able to taste Ramyun tteokbeoki but, they dont have it in their menu. However so far, it was so much fun and we are very satisfied. 80k for two menus are very cheap and we can selfie together for the last time with friends 😀


Selfie in Mujigae Restaurant with Ramadhaning Tyas and Dinda Adisty. I hope everything goes smoothly for everyone and we can hangout together again 🙂

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