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Stir Fry Green Beans with Meat


Meeeaaaaat Loveeerrs! I love meat !! But how about for the people who still want to stay healthy? Like my parent, they want to eat something healthy and I want to eat MEAT cause, we got tons of meat in refrigerator. I love vegetable but it doesn’t mean that im going to eat vegetable only, keep up the balance of food is also important. Thankfully my mind work fast here :D, so i tried to combine meat with anything inside the refrigerator and i found it, green beans! Hehee, Let’s try to make something delicious!

Recipe stir fried meat with green beans :
1tsp lime or lemon essence, or lime leaf
1 tsp salt
2 tsp white or black pepper
1 salam leaf (optional, to enhance indonesia traditional flavour)
1/2 onion

Seasoning ingredients :
4 clove white garlic
4 clove red garlic
3 red chili
2 green chili

How to make :
1. Prepare the meat seasoning
Minced all the garlics, slice the green and red chili with food processor or manually.

2. Prepare the meat
Boil the meat in a pot until tender together with half of the meat seasoning above, add some salt and pepper for flavour. Rest it when done.

3. Prepare the stir fried green beans meat
Slice the onions before start into the stir fry process.
Put some vegetable oil on frying pan just enough to stir fry the seasoning ingredients, put the rest of the meat seasoning and salam leaf, add some salt, lime essence and pepper for flavour. Stir fry the seasoning ingredients until the smell of flavour come out.
After that pour some of the meat stock together with the meat into frying pan and mix them all. Let them dry enough for the seasoning to seep into the meat. Last one, put some green beans and onion. Stir fry all of them together and Finish! 😀

Hope it will works! It’s not really oily, this dish could be a little spicy and has savory taste. The lime, lemon essence catch the oily things on the stir fry process but, be careful with the meat stock to remove the fat oil juices that comes from the meat and just need to use around 1 cup of meat stock more or less. Too much and you will get fat :p

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