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Fried Chicken with crispy flavour


One of traditional indonesia recipe for fried chicken with crizpy flavour. Indonesia culinary which can be easily made at home.

Recipe for organic crispy powder :

2 tsp of Cilantro powder
8 Candleberry or candlenut
1 tsp of Salt
1 tsp baking powder
10 Clove of white garlic
20 gram sago flour

How to make it :

1. Prepare the organic crispy powder
Put all of the ingedients above except sago flour and baking powder, into a blender or food processor and mix it until it turns out into powder or like a soft minced garlic.

2. Prepare the chicken
Coat or soak the chicken with a little lime extract and 1tsp of salt. Leave it for 15 mnt to make sure the seasoning seep into the chicken.
After that boil the chicken until tender together with half of the crispy seasoning powder above. When the chicken is tender enough, rest it.

3. Prepare the chicken seasoning
Took some of the chicken stock and mix it with sago flour and 1tsp baking powder and the rest of the crispy powder, boil it with continue to stir until reach the right consistency. And rest it to cool. Fried the chiken untill golden brown, and fried the rest of chicken seasoning until dry. Sprinkle it above the chicken and done!

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